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Family, Fun and Food

I developed a passion for food early on; it was the language of love in my youth. Raised on the Hill, we had a tiny kitchen, but that did not keep my Mom and her three sisters from cooking the most amazing meals using the recipes brought over from Sicily. Family and food went together, and you never worried there was no space or the house was not fancy enough, there was always room to invite one more. As a teen, I spent my hours after school cooking at the most well-known restaurants in the neighborhood.  

The years have gone by, taking on corporate America, raising children. I have become the "Designated Chef" for my family and friends.   My sister in law brought her family recipes from New Orleans, which have become some favorites. I began smoking meats ten years ago at tailgates.  The melding of flavors from my youth on the HIll, New Orleans, and BBQ means you can offer your guest something unique.  Our honey cornbread mini-muffins and our bread pudding are always a highlight!

The love of family, fun, and food has led to Double R Catering. We all know how precious life is, so go and enjoy the party. Catch up with your family and friends; we will do the cooking and the setup.  

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